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Bird Feeding Stations

A bird feeding station is an excellent way to attract a variety of wild birds to your garden. You can create your own bird feeding area with different hanging feeders and different seeds.

We stock a bird feeding station which is easily moved around your garden. Bird feeding stations should ideally be located near a window to enjoy watching the birds that visit. It is useful to have trees or shrubs within 100 feet to allow birds to flee should predators embark on the feeding station. It is also a good idea to place a feeder for smaller birds in a separate area to one for larger birds. This allows the small birds to eat in peace.

Bird feeding stations can look nice if they are placed next to a tree, or near flowers which provide seed or nectar such as zinnas and sunflowers. Branches can be tied to the feeder, allowing more birds to perch and enjoy the bird feeding station.

Our bird feeding station kit includes a decorated twin hook with fleur-de-lys finish and a small feeder hook. Also with the kit is a mesh tray for bird seed and a bird bath with support tray. This comes with a heavy duty full height feeder pole.

One potential problem with a bird feeding station is that certain seeds such as sunflowers may sprout. But putting out sunflower hearts can solve this as they have no outer shell. However, shelled seeds can mould quicker. Make sure you have a water source for the birds to drink from, as well as one to bathe in as birds like to keep their feathers clean, and in the winter streams often freeze over, so a regular water supply is appreciated. Take care to keep seeds dry because wet seeds can grow bacteria and mould which cause disease. Feeder cleaning is also important because dirty feeders can cause disease and make your birds ill.

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